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Elektro-Altgeräte Garantie GmbH (EAG) offers a guarantee, insured against insolvency for all types of equipment. From the 2015 guarantee period onwards, the EAG will replace Garantiegesellschaft Lampen as the guarantee provider. Besides Lightcycle Retourlogistik und Service GmbH also other partners use the waste electrical equipment guarantee for their customers.

This gives you a secure and attractive guarantee solution with end-to-end service (registration + quantity reporting + disposal) from a strong network.

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Annette Sandler

+49 89 4524669 14 

Simply comply

The German transposition of the WEEE-Directive is the ElektroG, which contains a large number of provisions for manufacturers and importers.  More

Guaranteed and secure

The waste electrical equipment guarantee is low-cost and recognised by stiftung ear.


Strong Partners

Our partner for the disposal of waste lamps and lighting equipment.


Terms easily explained

ElektroG, WEEE, distributor and authorised third parties. Our disposal ABC will guide you through the legal jungle.

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