Simply comply with the ElektroG

The ElektroG is the German Act Governing the Sale, Return and Environmentally Sound Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment. It is the German implementation of the EU’s WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). 

In addition to registration and guarantees, there are still a large number of duties for manufacturers, importers and distributors. We will help you to simply comply with the ElektroG.

What’s it about?

The ElektroG requires the manufacturers/importers of electrical and electronic equipment to organise and finance their separate collection and proper disposal. The manufacturer/importer has to offer reasonable collection options for all non-private users.

Who is affected?

Manufacturers within the meaning of the ElektroG is anyone who

  • manufactures electrical and electronic equipment under its name and puts them on themarket,
  • re-sells electrical and electronic equipment under its brand name,
  • imports and markets electrical and electronic equipment,
  • directly exports or provides electrical and electronic equipment to a user in a member state of the European Union.

Anyone who culpably offers new electrical and electronic equipment to non-registered manufacturers for sale is also considered a distributor”

What duties have to be met?

The duties of the manufacturers/importers of electrical and electronic equipment include the following:

  1. Registration with the stiftung elektro-altgeräte register (ear), the national register for waste of electrical and electronic equipment
  2. Inclusion of the ear registration number in official  business papers
  3. Evidence of a guarantee insured against insolvency of the relevant equipment type (Geräteart).
  4. Marking electrical and electronic equipment put on the market with the prescribed symbol
  5. Monthly reporting of electrical and electronic equipment put on the market
  6. Acceptance  and compliance with ear’s pick-up coordinations for public waste management authorities
  7. Confirmation of pick-up from waste management authorities and waste of the same equipment type collected and recycled elsewhere (including documentation and proof of disposal)
  8. Provision of collection facilities for commercial users
  9. Providing information and education material concerning proper disposal for consumers and other users 

Elektro-Altgeräte Garantie GmbH and its partners offer you a simple and qualified end-to-end solution for your complicated and extensive duties – guaranteed, safe and sustainable. So you can concentrate on your business!

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Registration, quantity reporting and disposal from a single source.


Authorized representative

Since October 24th, 2015 producers without a branch in Germany can no longer be registered or remain registered themselves.

Affected producers who are already registered, but without a branch in Germany can setup a branch in Germany or charge an authorized representative (§ 3 no. 10 ElektroG) established in Germany and name him to stiftung ear.

This must take place until April 25th, 2016 (within 6 months after amendment of ElektroG has entered into force). Otherwise, stiftung ear must revoke any issued registrations.

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