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Guarantee calculator 2024

Enter the planned quantity in tonnes for each type of equipment you plan to put on the market in the calendar year. State your basic amount of registration in tonnes (and up to three decimal places for kilogram). If you have several brands for the same type of equipment, the weights of the different brands can be totalled and entered as a combined figure. Your premiums including the cost of the guarantee will be calculated automatically. All amounts are quoted as net amounts.

The premiums of the collective guarantee cover the total guarantee period. Therefore it is not necessary to build provisions. Compared to other guarantee models you avoid the administrative and financial burdon of building annual provisions.


Your premiums are calculated based on the specifications of stiftung ear for 2024.
To the calculator 2023.


B2c Type of equipment from 01.01.2024 - 31.12.2024

Type of equipment
Presumed amount in tonnes (t) per year
Premium of reinsurance
Total presumed amount in tonnes
Total premium
Type of equipment administration incl. documentation
á 50 € per type
Issue of guarantee incl. guarantee submission and evidence
for the process
Total guarantee expense (incl. consulting)

* The fees of stiftung ear (competent authority) are not included here. To the fee regulation

For new customers, there is a one-time admission fee of 300 € for inclusion in the guarantee system, which includes our registration service for your registration with stiftung ear.

Would you like to use our full service after your registration?

To round off the service around the ElektroG for manufacturers and authorised representatives, we offer the WEEE Register Complete Service (ear service) including monthly and annual reporting, maintenance of the manufacturer account in the ear portal and correspondence with ear as the main contact for only € 130 per year and type of equipment.

With regard to your disposal obligations, we offer you to take back and properly recycle – together with our service partners – the waste electric equipment (e.g. ear pickup coordination from municipal collection points) within the scope of a disposal service. In this respect, we are cooperating with the most advantageous service providers within the collection groups.

Additionally, we also provide solutions for the compulsory commercial take-back for stationary as well as online trading businesses. Please contact us, we will be pleased to assist you.


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